Do you agree with the results?

Search the web for a personality test. Take the test. Describe the test. Provide link. Do you agree with the results? Why or why not.


How would you sort out (understand) the differential impacts of the two conditions (obsessive-compulsive disorder, as opposed to the medical condition you chose)?

Case Study of Marvin
Review the Case Study of Marvin. Using the medical illness you choose to write about in this unit’s first discussion, respond to the following:
How would this specific medical condition or illness be likely to impact or interact with Marvin’s described anxiety symptoms and obsessive-compulsive symptoms?
How would you sort out (understand) the differential impacts of the two conditions (obsessive-compulsive disorder, as opposed to the medical condition you chose)?
Would you still make a diagnosis of obsessive-compulsive disorder if you found that Marvin also suffered from this disorder?
How do you differentiate Marvin’s obsessive-compulsive symptoms between the related diagnoses of:
Obsessive-compulsive disorder.
Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder.
Defend your answer.
Record the diagnosis you would give Marvin if he clearly displays this medical condition in addition to his anxiety and obsessive-compulsive symptoms. Review the Case Study Response Guide to assist you with this discussion.


How do they react to a world that is being overrun by zombies once they have found refuge in the mall?

MLA format
12 Times New Roman.1-inch margins all around. Double spaced.
5 complete pages. If the essay does not meet the minimum page requirement you will earn an automatic “F.” Be aware 4 half pages are not 5 complete pages. You must type all the way to the bottom of page five.
Must use these Three sources: One source from Gospel of the Living Dead. The second source must address the zombie/horror movie genre, and the last source must be on the issue of American consumerism.
Work Cited Required. It must be properly formatted. MLA. If the work cited is missing or not properly formatted, the essay will earn a zero.
Five simple mistake rule. If you have five simple mistakes, which usually are left behind due to insufficient proofreading, I will stop reading the essay and assign you an “F.”
Essay Topic
Dawn of the Dead by George Romero is a movie that critiques American consumerism. Throughout the movie, the director addresses many issues, such as consumerism, greed, and survival. How do the mall and zombies aid in his critique of the American public through the use of these four characters? It’s easy to say that the zombies represent the American public in a morbid nostalgic vision of a once happy people in a place that offered what many could not possess. But, at the same time, these zombies do not change.

In this essay I want you to discuss the evolution of the four characters while seeking refuge in the mall. How are they representative of Americans? What is Romero critiquing about them/us? Simply put, how is Romero using this film to critique American consumerism?
Consider these questions to help you write your essay:

The four survivors are more complex and offer a much stronger analysis of the American public in regard to issues of consumerism. How do they react to a world that is being overrun by zombies once they have found refuge in the mall? What happens to their goal of survival? Does it change? How/why? What do these changes signify?

Political science

Research question is “to what extent can women influence political regimes?”

Women’s Influence in Politics (From an Iranian Context).
Research Question is “To what extent can women influence Political Regimes?”
The attached presentation is what should be outlined and points to be included in the paper.
Attached are some articles from the internet that you may use for the paper, you may also neglect them and use others based on relevancy.
Attached is a pdf titled “links” that has a list of websites you may refer to in the paper and use more based on your research.
Paper should include in text citation, footnotes and bibliography.
**Outline of paper (refer to attached presentation):



Step 1: Define Bacteria and Archaea.

These two terms used to be classified together.
-Discuss what discoveries lead to the separation of these two groups.
-Identify the technique(s) that were used to reclassify these organisms.
-Discuss whether or not archaea has a role in human health and disease.

Criminal Law

I need case briefs on san antonio independent school district v. rodriguez and fisher v. university of texas.

I need case briefs on San Antonio Independent School District v. Rodriguez and Fisher v. University of Texas. I will attach samples and rubric


Student will complete one 2,500-word assessment (10% over or under the word limi t is allowed).

The writing requires three elements.
1.transcribe spoken data consistently using a transcriiption key; A one-minute speech is selected in Appendix A, and the writing is analyzed only for the selected one-minute speech. (where Appendix A-(2) is the recording; Appendix A-(1) is the text version of the recording)
2.analyse spoken data using two approaches covered in the Appendix B; There are many methods of analysis in Appendix B, and only two of them were selected for spoken data analysis. (The analysis process is written as a table like Appendix C-(3), Appendix C-(4)Appendix C-(5) Appendix C-(6). The tables are placed after the text and before the references and appendixes)
3.critically evaluate the use of different approaches for discourse analysis.Write about 2,500 words of discourse analysis methods in the main text section (you can refer to Appendix C-(1) Appendix C-(2))
INSTRUCTIONS You will be given a set of spoken data. You need to choose a 1-minute section of this data, transcribe and analyse the data using two of the following approaches – Conversational Analysis / Pragmatics / Speech Function Network. The analysis should be explained in the main body of the assessment, with examples from the analysis given to back up claims made about the discourse. The main body should be 2,500 words (10% over / under the word limit is allowed). You will then need to critically evaluate the discourse analysis approaches you used with reference to academic literature (where appropriate). The transcriiption and the coded discourse analysis should be presented in the appendix.
accurately analyse the spoken data using the chosen approaches; make valid claims about the spoken data on the basis of the analysis; critically evaluate the two discourse analysis approaches used with reference to literature; clearly present the transcriiption, transcriiption key and analysis in the appendix; express your ideas in a well-structured manner, in an appropriate tone, free of language errors, without plagiarism.
You should be able to make claims about the discourse based on this analysis, taking into account the context which the discourse is in. You should also explain clearly how you carried out each analysis, explaining where you had difficulties making coding decisions and how you overcame these difficulties. The claims about the discourse you make in the assignment should be backed up with evidence from the analysis in the main body of the assignment. You should also have a clearly presented appendix section showing the analysis that you did. Finally, an evaluation of the different methods should be included which is nuanced and supported by reference to academic literature.
student will complete one 2,500-word assessment (10% over or under the word limi t is allowed). This will involve transcribing and analysing spoken data using different frameworks and crit ically evaluating their use. The word limit does not include the references and appendixes.
Reading Requirements: Please read Appendix B and the following references before writing. (Appendix B is the core)。
Addit ionally, the following foundational texts are good to read in preparation for the course. Palt ridge, B. (2022). Discourse analysis: An int roduction (3rd ed.). Bloomsbury Academic. Thompson, G. (2014). Int roducing functional grammar (3rd). London: Routledge.


How does this connect with your reading of greene (2008)?

One of the points of this article is that these authors seek to define disease in terms of “risk” and offer the genome as a place to seek factors that put a patient at risk of adverse consequences. In at least 200 words discuss what you think about the way in which these authors seek to define disease. In your response, you may consider some of the following questions: What are the limitations or problems, if any, of focusing on risk? What are the problems, if any, of focusing on genetics? How does this connect with your reading of Greene (2008)?


Explain how the current care delivery model in the healthcare setting identified in part a4f would be impacted by the recommended change in part a4.

738.4.1 : Compare Healthcare Delivery Models
The learner compares healthcare delivery models to facilitate value-based care, shared decision-making, and equitable patient-centered care.
738.4.2 : Describe Continuous Improvement Strategies
The learner describes evidence-based continuous improvement strategies that improve patient care.
738.4.3 : Compare Safety Standards
The learner compares current practice with patient safety standards to promote optimal patient outcomes.
738.4.4 : Examine Systems Redesign
The learner examines systems design in a high-reliability organization.
Patient safety is an integral part of value-based healthcare. Ensuring patient safety can lead to faster recovery times, which, in turn, leads to lower costs of care. When combined, these factors result in improved patient satisfaction. Ensuring patient safety requires professional nurses to be proactive in identifying potential safety concerns and proposing evidence-based solutions to mitigate those concerns across the healthcare continuum.
Your goal for this task is to clearly and concisely propose a recommendation that addresses an identified systems-level safety issue that affects patients within a healthcare setting, such as your practice or a colleague’s practice, using convincing evidence to promote the necessity for change.
Your submission must be your original work. No more than a combined total of 30% of the submission and no more than a 10% match to any one individual source can be directly quoted or closely paraphrased from sources, even if cited correctly. The similarity report that is provided when you submit your task can be used as a guide.

You must use the rubric to direct the creation of your submission because it provides detailed criteria that will be used to evaluate your work. Each requirement below may be evaluated by more than one rubric aspect. The rubric aspect titles may contain hyperlinks to relevant portions of the course.

Tasks may not be submitted as cloud links, such as links to Google Docs, Google Slides, OneDrive, etc., unless specified in the task requirements. All other submissions must be file types that are uploaded and submitted as attachments (e.g., .docx, .pdf, .ppt).

A. Discuss a systems-level safety concern in a healthcare setting by applying the situation, background, assessment, recommendation (SBAR) format by doing the following:
1. Describe a healthcare-related situation (S) prompting a systems-level patient safety concern that has the potential to impact multiple patients.
2. Analyze background (B) information about the concern by doing the following:
a. Describe the data that support or would support the need for change.
b. Explain how one or more national patient safety standards apply to this situation.
3. Assess (A) the impact of the safety concern on the patient(s), staff, and the organization as situated in the identified healthcare setting.
a. Explain how the safety concern affects value for the patient(s) and the healthcare setting.
4. Recommend (R) an evidence-based practice change that addresses the safety concern.
a. Discuss how this recommendation aligns with the principles of a high-reliability organization.
b. Describe two potential barriers to the recommended practice change.
c. Identify two potential interventions to minimize the barriers from part A4b to the recommended practice change.
d. Discuss the significance of shared decision-making among the healthcare setting’s relevant stakeholders in implementing this recommendation.
e. Describe an outcome measure that could be used to evaluate the results of the recommendation.
f. Describe the care delivery model currently being used in the healthcare setting.
i. Explain how the current care delivery model in the healthcare setting identified in part A4f would be impacted by the recommended change in part A4.

B. Acknowledge sources, using APA-formatted in-text citations and references, for content that is quoted, paraphrased, or summarized.

C. Demonstrate professional communication in the content and presentation of your submission.
File Restrictions
File name may contain only letters, numbers, spaces, and these symbols: ! – _ . * ‘ ( )
File size limit: 200 MB
File types allowed: doc, docx, rtf, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, odt, pdf, txt, qt, mov, mpg, avi, mp3, wav, mp4, wma, flv, asf, mpeg, wmv, m4v, svg, tif, tiff, jpeg, jpg, gif, png, zip, rar, tar, 7z

Art & architecture

Identify where you found your source material – provide a link for online resources

Before starting: 
* Review the types of work section of the syllabus. More specifically, review the projects and exercises section of the syllabus.
* students must create an artwork based on the specification
* students must provide a written paragraph to accompany the artwork they created
PART 1: Create an artwork commenting on one of the key concepts from CHAPTER 3:
CREATE YOUR OWN ARTWORK that somehow DEPICTS AND COMMENTS upon one of the key concepts from the Chapter 3 Pear Decks/Practices of Looking. 
* You will choose one specific concept from this list of key concepts from this list
* who/what you identify with (observer or observed)
* Think about how you can make the viewer aware of these concepts through an image
* What statement do you want to make about the concept you selected?
* What’s your perspective on the concept you chose?
* Think about looking and power. How does your concept connect to looking & power?
* Who gets to look?
* How is the person with the ability to look empowered?
* Who is being looked at, etc? Has the person being looked at lost power or agency?
* PLAGIARISM POLICIES still pertain to hands-on projects see the disclaimer below
As you finalize your idea
* Think about how you can make the viewer aware of these concepts through an image
* What statement do you want to make about the concept you selected?
* What’s your perspective on the concept you chose? How can you make the view aware of your perspective?
* MATERIALS: the materials you use are entirely up to you. 
* take a photograph for the assignment (take your own picture using a camera, smartphone, etc for the assignment – just using a photo you already have doesn’t fit the assignment)
* draw something
* create a collage using magazines or digital photos
* just be sure you have changed the original source images enough to make them your own
* use Microsoft paint or some other program to edit your own photos or images you collect
* be sure you have changed the original source images enough to make them your own
* Photo Editing – Helpful Links UPDATED SP22.pdf
* you may use other materials that do not appear on this list
* PLAGIARISM POLICIES still pertain to hands-on projects see the disclaimer below
Don’t hesitate to reach out if you are having trouble with your idea. 
* as mentioned, you can use preexisting images/artworks as source material.
* however, there are general rules and guidelines for using source material.
* you may combine different source images in specific ways or edit preexisting images in specific ways. 
* your edits/mash ups should be crucial to your project’s message.
* How you change the source material should be essential to why your image fits the assignment.
* Be sure to acknowledge the use of source images. I don’t require MLA citations but they should be mentioned in your project paragraph.
PART 2: After you create your artwork: write a paragraph that describes your idea:
* include a write up that describes your idea: these words should help the viewer understand your the intended meaning/message of your artwork.
* What key concept did you select? Be sure to clearly identify the specific aspect concept you selected.
* describe your idea – explain how your idea fits the assignment prompt
* describe the choices you made in creating your image and give us a better understanding of your creation/thought process.
* for this project: be sure to explain how your image relates to the specific concept you selected.
* How did you choose imagery to make the viewer aware of the concept you selected?
* What statement did you want to make about the concept you selected?
* What’s YOUR perspective on the concept you chose? 
1. identify where you found your source material – PROVIDE A LINK FOR ONLINE RESOURCES
2. describe how your edits to the source material were an essential aspect of your project response
* how are your edits crucial to sending the message you wished to send to the audience?