My professor said: “unique challenges go with those considered “first responders,” such as police officers, firefighters, emergency medical technicians, the military, etc.

JUST A LITTLE SIDE NOTES ABOUT ME: PLEASE write/create the assignment to sound as you are ME and, from my perspective as a Christian woman with a Christian worldview and beliefs in a Christian school. Please keep in mind that I have a 4.0 and need assignments that resemble that for my university. Thank you for your help, your urgency would be greatly appreciated…………………………. This is for my class called Psychology from a Christian Worldview Perspective. PLEASE FOLLOW EVERY DETAIL as this is expensive and NO PLAGIARISM as I do run it through multiple sources for plagiarism and grammar. MY PROFESSOR SAID: “Unique challenges go with those considered “First Responders,” such as police officers, firefighters, Emergency Medical Technicians, the military, etc. First Responder work can be particularly stressful and it is important to understand why..”
ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS INSTRUCTIONS INSTRUCTIONS INSTRUCTIONS INSTRUCTIONS: {Book included in attached files} View Paul Harvey’s “Policeman” tribute at this link:
Write a 3-4-page paper describing factors that make First Responder work dangerous and potentially stressful as a life-long career.
Ensure ALL OF the following points are addressed:
What is unique about First Responder work that makes a direct hit on a First Responder’s emotional equilibrium?
Why (or why not) would you want to serve others in First Responder work?
Include 3 PEER-REVIEWED articles to support your points.


Correct cited in text citation, peer reviewed articles, most recent studies, apa formatting, references

correct cited in text citation, peer reviewed articles, most recent studies, APA formatting, references


Correct cited in text citation, peer reviewed articles, most recent studies.

correct cited in text citation, peer reviewed articles, most recent studies. APA formatting, references


Prompt: considering children and adolescents at various developmental levels, describe a deficit in learning or memory.

Prompt: Considering children and adolescents at various developmental levels, describe a deficit in learning or memory. What brain structures and circuits are related to your selected deficit? How would the deficit impair daily functioning in academic, social, and emotional domains? What assessments and interventions would be used to detect and treat the dysfunction?
Guidelines for Submission: The short paper should be 2–4 pages, double-spaced, with 12-point Times New Roman font and 1-inch margins, and include citations in APA format.


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You will need to watch at least two videos (for the assignment) from this link:

and you’ll need to know about SMART goals. Here’s a helpful website!

5 Examples of SMART Goals for College Students

Attached is the form you must complete. The first part is asking for my grades , i will complete that portion. Please complete the rest


Their main concern had been that their son might be discriminated against because of his sexuality, get hurt, and live a lonely life.

Oliver Vincent never saw himself using substances. He had always been “on top of things.” At age 35, he was independently wealthy as the owner of several clothing franchises, lived with an ex-partner in a more-than-comfortable apartment in New York City, worked out every day, enjoyed the company of a group of loving friends, and, although single, had not given up on the idea of someday (preferably soon) finding the perfect man to share his life with. Mr. Vincent came out to his Irish Catholic family when he was 19. His parents had already guessed that Mr. Vincent desired male partners long before he told them, and they took the non-news fairly well. Their main concern had been that their son might be discriminated against because of his sexuality, get hurt, and live a lonely life. Nothing could be farther from the way things turned out: Mr. Vincent was “out and proud” and living it up.
When Mr. Vincent found himself utilizing substances, he addressed it the same way he had dealt with pretty much everything else: head on. For the first time in his life, he decided to see a psychiatric provider. He presented to his nurse practitioner today for an initial encounter.
Mr. Vincent described a pattern that revolved around weekend “party and play” activities. Party and play are code words for drugs and sex, respectively. The term is sometimes abbreviated PNP. On Friday and Saturday evenings—and occasionally during the week—he would go out to dinner with friends and then to a club or a private party. He tended to drink two or three cocktails and four to five glasses of wine during the evening. Without the alcohol, he found he could easily say “no” to substances, but “after a good buzz, if someone has drugs—and there is always someone around who has something to reverse the lows of alcohol—I use. And then my heart starts to race, and then I do everything I can to hook up. I used to go online, but these days, it’s all on Grindr.”
Overall, Mr. Vincent drank alcohol and reports using cocaine three to four times a week and “occasionally using xanny, tina and bath salts.” He could hardly attend Monday morning meetings, much less prepare for them, and had been trying to cut down on his cocaine use for the prior 6 months without success.
Since Mr. Vincent had started using cocaine regularly, he had lost weight and had trouble sleeping. He worried that his effort at the gym was going to waste. His business continued to succeed, but his own effectiveness had decreased. Most importantly, he did not practice safer sex when high on stimulants, and he is worried about HIV seroconversion.
His family upbringing is “normal”. He will not discuss anything from middle childhood ages 8-10 when his father’s best friend “Oliver’s uncle” stayed at his home. His first use of substances was at age 9, when he would regularly use his parent’s alcohol to sleep so he would not have nightmares.

DUE DATE: October 06th, 2022
The case study will be located in Bb and is to be completed and submitted electronically via Blackboard. Dates for submission are October 06th, 2022 at 11:59PM and will be discussed on Intensive Class days.
• Read the case study.
• Distill the salient elements that contribute to diagnosis and treatment planning of a client with complex medical issues and psychiatric complications.
• Review the evidence-based literature based upon the case data and provisional diagnosis.
• Compare and contrast the two non-pharmacologic treatment approaches that could be employed
• Propose interventions which reflect interprofessional collaboration, integrating ethical, legal social factors in clinical decision-making.
• Identify measurable outcomes expected as a result of optimizing care based upon the knowledge gained through the case, and the proposed interventions for care.
******* the above is the case study and the questions that go along with it that need to be answered. Each bullet point or question should take about 1-2 pages double spaced to answer . I uploaded the class slides which can help with your research of the topics. All writing should be backed by articles and citations in app format. The slides I uploaded should be used as a reference on what can be researched and the person who made the slides is the person grading it. Thanks in advance .


The subject can be anything from psychology, but i want it to be specific to autism spectrum.

The paper is due in November, but I would like to review it and make sure it is correct before submitting and have plenty of time to do it. The references must be credible sources like books or journals. No Wikipedia it is not a credible source. The subject can be anything from Psychology, but I want it to be specific to Autism Spectrum. If you have any suggestions or would like to have your own topic let me know.


Lobes of the brain – queensland brain institute – university of queensland

Lobes of the brain – Queensland Brain Institute – University of Queensland
Greetings Scholars:
For this discussion, please pick an activity you do during the day and tell us five different parts of the brain and how it helps. Be sure to answer clearly identify the brain parts and define them, as well as link back to your activity of choice.
For instance: I like to read. What five parts of the brain might I be using to read? You may need to think a little outside the box for this one.

In your two paragraph (5-6 sentences per paragraph) include substantive details


This should cover

Describe the challenges police officers of either gender face in their marital relationships due to the job eg long shifts. This should cover
Marital conflict
divorce rates
I have attached a file that you need to incorporate.


This assignment is designed to help you answer the question, “who am i”?

This assignment is designed to help you answer the question, “Who am I”? This project gives you the opportunity to investigate and identify the personhood of your-‘self’ as you navigate coming into your who are and where you fit in the world around you. Here are the questions for the assignment:
1st Paragraph: “Past”
Please explain who you are in terms of your past: childhood and teenage years. You don’t have to include every detail- just the highlights. Introduce who you were and are. Ideas to get the ball rolling: Who or what influenced you? What were your hobbies or dreams? How was life for you? Family traditions? Big moments?
2nd Paragraph: “Present”
Please explain who you are presently. Ideas: What you are dreams and aspirations? Where do you work? Family life now? What courses you are enrolled in? What impact does your educational journey have on your life? What books are you currently reading? What is your takeaway from your reading?
3rd Paragraph: “Future”
Please explain what your future goals are, who you hope to be (and steps that you are taking to get there), and anything else that helps us know more of who you want to become, personally as well as professionally.
Please follow APA guidelines for this assignment: 12-point font, double spaced and Times Roman for the text. You will upload your final document to the drop box in Course Den by the date listed on the syllabus. No less than 500 words.
i will attach a document no later than tomorrow with the essay. for the writer to fix and add anything necessary for this paper.
in the attachment, it will have what is required for the essay and the writer would help me but it together.